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Introducing a series of blogs related to finally fully released Android Studio.

Android Studio,built on popular IntelliJ IDEA (Community Edition) Java IDE is an official IDE for Android Platform replacing the Eclipseas the Android Development Tool. The IDE is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. You can download it from  Android Developer Site

In this blog, I will discuss the Features of Android Studio and how to setup  on Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) or Ubuntu 14.04.

So, What is new in Android Studio?

1.Setup wizard


First off we have set up wizard for first run which helps you to install Android SDK and setup the development environment. This was absent in eclipse.

2.Intelligent IntelliJ IDE


Yes! IntelliJ is powerful tool with features of code analysis, re factoring and completion suggestions.

3. Be Different, Not the Same!


Indeed. The IDE lets you to preview the layout across multiple devices of different screen sizes.

4.Memory Monitor


Android studio provides a tool called memory monitor that allows you to keep track/analyze of memory usage of your app.

5.Faster than Eclipse.

The Android Studio is much faster than eclipse ADT  in terms of loading the environment and loading emulators.

Setting up on Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04.
1. Download the SDK from here

2.Extract zip to any folder of your choice.

3.Open terminal ( CTRL + ALT +T ) and navigate to the extracted folder.

4. To launch Android Studio, navigate to the android-studio/bin/ directory in a terminal and execute studio.sh. ( type ./studio.sh in your terminal and hit enter).

5. Follow setup wizard and BOOM! you are done.

6. For the next time you want to open Android studio simply execute the studio.sh

7.As easy as Pie!

This is introductory post for android studio. Keep checking for updates to further posts in the series Android Studio.